Advanced Manufacturing Technologies
Expert's large shop floor from above
A section of Expert Tooling and Automation's shop floor, robots in the background
One of Expert's factories from above, different machines are being assembled

Expert’s Assembly Facilities

Expert has the experience and resources to assemble a variety of automation and tooling solutions. We have the capacity to work on a wide range of project sizes; from the design and build of single cells through to full assembly lines and the commissioning of a whole plant.

Expert’s assembly capabilities have grown with a brand new purpose-built HQ in Coventry opening in 2013 and current construction underway for another site in the North East. Altogether, these new factories provide an additional 50,000 sq ft of factory floor space, expanding our capacity for full turnkey system construction and tryout.

Expert also offers onsite assistance, we construct and install machinery on clients’ own premises and we also offer contract staffing support; we are a full-service automation and tooling specialist.

Expert’s experience in automated assembly includes:
  • Fully automated production and assembly lines
  • Special purpose machines
  • Rotary assembly machines
  • Palletised assembly systems and cells
  • Single and multi-robot systems, including single cell robots
  • Vision guided robotic assembly
  • Assembly tooling, jigs, fixtures and gauges
  • Control systems for automated assembly systems

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