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Lightweighting Excellence Programme shows Expert’s R&D Capabilities

Expert work towards high volume low cost composite manufacture in the UK alongside Bentley, Cranfield University and Sigmatex

Expert Advanced Manufacturing Technologies is part of a team of UK OEMs and suppliers working together to decrease vehicle weight. In line with tightening emissions standards, Expert stands beside Bentley and Nissan in a drive to bring composite manufacture into the mainstream and ultimately reduce composite costs within the UK supply chain. The £7.15m project funded by AMSCI and industry allows shared knowledge to benefit each company individually while creating a solid base for composite manufacture in the UK.

With emissions standards changing in the EU and across the world, OEMs are placing increasingly more confidence in the future of composite manufacture, and as part of their supply chain it is up to Expert to keep up. The LX Programme allows suppliers and OEMs alike to share their expertise, ensuring the UK supply chain is prepared to produce high volumes of composite vehicle components in the foreseeable future.

With advanced manufacturing at the core, the Expert R&D department are taking this challenge in their stride. Aided by the move to a spacious facility at Earlplace, the team led by Andy Bools (and helped along by a new collaborative robot) are working alongside industry giants to create exciting opportunities in the automotive industry. Currently working on Bentley door inners, Emerald exteriors and Nissan structural floor components, Expert are excited to use new knowledge with many customers in the not-so-distant future.

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