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Six Axis Robot
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Six-Axis Robots

Examples of Six Axis projects that we have recently completed include:

  • Glazing
  • Welding
  • Gripping
  • Bushing
  • Research cells
  • Product assembly

Expert Tooling and Automation develop bespoke systems that often include Six Axis robots. We have in-house mechanical and electrical departments with the purpose of creating tailor-made solutions that fulfill clients’ needs as effectively as possible.

As Six-Axis robots can take on many general tasks they are frequently used to replace staff, which is often economically beneficial as well as improving health and safety.

Six-Axis robots are usually the largest type of robot. The most common use of Six-Axis robots is to combine twist actions with up-and-over. They also have a long reach, which makes them useful for many operations.

Six-Axis robots can be put on a seventh axis to slide between stations, giving them even more movement, flexibility and possibilities.

Smaller versions (or baby versions) of the Six-Axis robot are also common as they are frequently more cost effective than alternative Cartesian and SCARA robots, depending on the specific application that is required.

The ability to operate on several axes allows Six Axis robots to perform many different functions, heightening efficiency and offering a compact use of clients’ industrial plant space.

To enquire about Expert’s capabilities and experiences with six axis and other types of robots, contact us.

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