Advanced Manufacturing Technologies
Expert AMT: a robot system for assembly
Expert Tooling and Automation: Single robot from a single cell
Expert AMT Component Assembly: Welding robots in production
Expert assembly for consumer products: Two robots assembling filing cabinet drawers, with manual load

Component Assembly

Robot Systems

Robot Systems range in complexity depending on the task(s) that the client needs to complete. Expert can design, build and install simple single cell robots and whole lines of robots for multiple tasks.

Types of robot Expert uses:
  • Cartesian
  • Six-Axis
  • Vision Guided
Why use a robot system?

Speed – robots work at a set pace that is determined by its programming, robots can be faster than humans

Accuracy – robots always get it right with no human error

Consistency – robots are predictable and run to schedule

Cost effective – good return on investment

Future proof – reprogram the robot for future applications

RSI/ health and safety – robots do not get injured

Repeatability – robots will not get bored with monotonous tasks

Poka yoke – self checking ensures quality

What is a Robot System?

Robot systems can be used to assemble all kinds of parts with different shapes, sizes and weights. The type of parts and clients’ requirements determine which type(s) of robots should be incorporated into the system.

See our Robotics section for more information about the robots that Expert use.

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