Advanced Manufacturing Technologies
Expert Bumper manufacture and assembly: frame for vehicle bumper assembly
Bumper Assembly engineering: a station for bumper assembly

Final Assembly

Bumper Assembly

Expert is knowledgeable and experienced in the processes required for the manufacture of automotive vehicle bumpers. We have created systems for bumper manufacture and assembly for several OEMs across the globe, including tooling and automated machinery.

Expert’s capacities for Bumper Manufacture and Assembly include:

  • Automated bumper de-mould and de-gating
  • Automated facility for accurately punching holes into bumper assemblies
  • Ultrasonic welding machines for PDC (Park Distance Control Sensors), Headlamp Washer Brackets, Grill Finishers etc
  • Semi and automatic assembly stations for complete bumper assemblies (PDCs, lights, wiring harnesses etc)

Contact our professional team to discuss our advanced Bumper Assembly engineering abilities.

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