Blood Sampling Equipment 

Are you looking for custom-tailored automation and tooling systems? Have you exhausted your research to find the best blood sampling equipment for you? Then, you have come to the right place! 

Our team at Expert-AMT is ready to help. We specialise in problem diagnostics and then design, evaluate, and implement real-world solutions through our machinery. We offer our clients high-quality value in machinery they cannot find anywhere else. Our rich experience in the past five decades has made us automation specialists. 

We are the go-to company to supply you with the most efficient blood sampling equipment tailored to your needs. Call us today on 02476 428 500 or email us at if you have any more enquiries. The team at Expert-AMT is more than ready to help you. 

Premier Blood Sampling Equipment 

At Expert-AMT, we have a diverse client base, ranging from Blue Chip companies to first and second-tier companies.  A significant number of our clients are Original Equipment Manufacturers, known as OEMs. OEMs fabricate devices and other machinery for other sectors. For example, one of the fields we cover is medical sector machinery. So, if you are looking for new medical equipment, like blood sampling machinery, Expert-AMT has everything you need. 

Throughout our years of operation in the medical sector, we have improved the technological aspect of medical equipment. We did this by facilitating requests and offering the finest medical OEMs with an extensive list of advanced manufacturing technologies (AMTs).  

 So, if you are looking to manufacture any machinery in the medical sector, from pharmaceutical tools to healthcare products and medical devices, such as blood sampling equipment, we here at Expert-AMT have got you covered. We aim to create machines and equipment to simplify the entire process for you.  

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    Number One Blood Sampling Machinery Providers

    Blood sampling equipment is a crucial element in laboratories. Blood sampling machinery is used to collect blood samples for analysis.  Since this process is vital, the machines must be productive and efficient to take samples correctly and quickly with no contamination problems. In addition, this process must reduce errors. If you are looking for new blood sampling machinery that meets the required standards, ExpertAMT is ready to help. 

    Our extensive experience in the medical and pharmaceutical sector allows us to innovate through a wide range of products, including: 

    • Clinical Containers 
    • Diagnostic Devices 
    • Drug Delivery Devices 
    • Personal Care Products 
    • Blood Sampling Machinery 

    If your blood collection equipment is out of date and you are looking for the latest and most efficient equipment, Expert-AMT has the best options for you. 

    Since Expert-AMT was founded in 1972, we have innovated through advanced manufacturing technologies and supplied companies worldwide with our range of machines. Our strong industry presence has allowed us to expand into the medical and pharmaceutical sectors. So, if you need any pharmaceutical instruments or medical devices, you can trust us here at Expert-AMT. 

    Expert-AMT medical overview

    Creating Blood Sampling Machinery  

    Here at Expert-AMT, you can ensure we will meet your vision and that your blood sampling equipment will perform flawlessly. We are with you, starting at the conceptual design and move at your pace with the manufacturing.  We can develop any products, including blood sampling equipment, for manufacturing (DFM) and assembly (DFA).  

    All our development processes go the same route to ensure you get high efficiency and your desired outcome to the best standards.  Our starting base is studying our customer’s needs thoroughly. 

    We manage your projects from A to Z, and an expert project manager is assigned to your project to ensure everything is done correctly. We supply all types of blood collection devices, and our team will make sure everything works as intended. 

    How our Medical Devices Handle Technological Evolution  

    Expert-AMT recognises the ever-growing technological world, and focus is innovation. Technology is the pivotal pillar in every workplace, and we make sure we are up-to-date with all new research to stay up-to-date with all elements that can optimise our work.  

    When it comes to the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry, technology has been the base in all work. We integrate healthcare-related features into everyday wearable accessories. Every day, medical practices are expanded into new tech methods of treatment.  

    We are proud to use the latest automation and technology tips and tricks to simplify the operation of phlebotomy and blood sample analysis. 

    Expert-AMT medical services

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    If you have been searching for reliable blood sampling equipment to execute your phlebotomy and blood sample analysis, Expert-AMT is here to help. Our high accuracy and fast delivery times with no errors have made it so that our loyal customers entrust us with manufacturing diverse pharmaceutical and healthcare machinery.  

    Our extensive experience of over five decades speaks for itself; we even earned an accredited ISO-9001 certificate for our efforts. Our team is more than ready to start building the equipment you require, no matter how generalised or specialised it might.  

    We are constantly evolving, researching new techniques to revolutionise how we create our products. To learn more about how we manufacture blood sampling machinery using advanced manufacturing technologies, call our team on 02476 428 500 and speak to one of our professional and friendly team members. You could also email us at Whatever your requirements might be, you can ensure you will find the answer here at Expert-AMT.   

    Why Come to ExpertAMT for Our Blood Sampling Machinery?

    Here at Expert-AMT, we take pride in our professional process, starting with diagnostics, then moving onto design, evaluation and finally implementation. We’ve found that this drastically boosts our clients’ processes. Our expertise of over half a century has made us the go-to company for advanced manufacturing technologies for companies spanning multiple sectors.

    Whether in the automotive industry, aerospace sector, medical and pharmaceutical sector, etc., you will find what you are looking for here at Expert-AMT. Our constant thrive for innovation allows us to offer advanced manufacturing, packing, tooling, and assembling at the final stage. 

    When you need new machinery, to upgrade your existing ones, or get the latest solutions, Expert-AMT is your best bet. Our years of dedicated work and knowledge let us tackle any range of projects. For example, we can be providing solutions to automotive companies such as Ford or Jaguar Land Rover. We could be supplying and developing blood sampling machinery to simplify phlebotomy and analysing blood samples the next. 

    We are constantly working on evolving to keep up with the latest innovation in the tech world. We recognise that advanced manufacturing technologies are the future of all industries, and we are committed to providing you with this competitive advantage.