Composites and Lightweighting

Mould Tools –

Design, manufacture and commissioning of mould tools for all volume composite manufacturing (pre-form, compression, RTM, HP-RTM, DDF), along with support from partners offering simulation services for tool compensation, mould flow analysis, structural analysis and forming simulation.

End-effectors –

Design, manufacture and commissioning of end effector tools for all composite manufacturing processes (plies, stacks, pre-form load/unload, mould load/unload, post moulding processes etc.)

Material Handling –

Design, manufacture and commissioning of material handling solutions for all composite manufacturing processes (material rolls, creels, individual plies, ply stacks, in-process load/unload systems, integration into mould tool design for process optimisation and material utilisation)

Links to HVM Catapult Centres –

strong relationships working collaboratively with and in support of national centres of excellence for industrial research.

Funded Research –

partners in wide ranging projects looking into various areas of industrialisation of lower TRL research outputs from Universities and Industrial research organisations.

Collaborative Research –

supporting cross industry/academic research projects across material light-weighting, joining and electrification projects.

Commercial Research –

internal research in support of existing customer requirements and proactively engaging in the development of solutions to projected problems industry are likely to face.

Expert’s team are developed to fit our customer’s specification, providing the highest quality standards.

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