Medical Device Manufacturing

Are you looking for a skilled team to handle your medical device manufacturing requirements? From design to production and assembly, the team at Expert-AMT offer innovative solutions, taking a medical product from idea to fruition. With the assistance of our automation specialists, we can help with all facets of healthcare automation, including additive manufacturing. We can design all sorts of medical devices you might require, either in a clinical or laboratory setting. 

Expert-AMT aims to further the boundaries of modern medicine by offering precise, trail-blazing engineering techniques to bring your medical device ideas to life.  

Quality is very much at the forefront of what we do – manufacturing advanced automated technologies and medical devices for the benefit of so many people. From start to finish, we work alongside our clients to produce state-of-the-art treatment solutions, strictly adhering to evidence-based medical practices every step of the way to ensure a high-quality product. If you’d like to learn more, call us now on 02476 428 500. 

A Guide to Medical Device Manufacturing 

The healthcare industry is a constantly growing and expanding one. No sooner has a product entered use, but its replacement is already in development. Because of the short life expectancy of medical devices, it can be difficult to stay ahead of the curve. Medical device manufacturing needn’t be a never-ending battle. From self-care products to critical medical technologies, Expert-AMT will ensure your utilising the most cutting-edge products. 

Drawing on our knowledge of ground-breaking engineering practices, we combine the fields of medicine and technology to deliver high-quality medical solutions for today’s prevalent health issues. Our repertoire includes: 

  • Surgical Apparatuses 
  • Blood Transfusion Equipment 
  • Diagnostic Machinery 
  • Drug-Delivery Equipment 
  • And More 

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    We put together personal care products, inhalers, and general equipment for everyday use in the healthcare setting, as well as life-saving technologies. 

    Our expertise also extends to medical assembly and global deployment. We offer our clients the option of assembling their products, taking the product from blueprint to conveyor belt in no time. Rapid assembly is made possible by highly accurate laser welding technology, in addition to automated assembly machinery to execute large volumes of products. However, volume does not mean that we sacrifice quality, as each emerging medical device lives up to our quality standards.   

    Our production services include all the trimmings, from procuring needed materials and cutting to marketing the final product. Our unique position at the top of the manufacturing hierarchy has given us the resources to manage even the most demanding client pitches. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) constantly make use of our resources to bring their product ideas to life in hopes of achieving further accuracy and facilitating daily medical practice. Outsourcing the production process allows them to drastically save on production expenditures, time, and labour.  

    If we’ve learned anything from all our years in the field, it’s that each project is unique. Therefore, we make it a point to conduct in-depth conversations with our client during the beginning phases of the project to make sure that we have all the details down before proceeding with the manufacturing process. As a result, the final medical device will live up to your expectations without the constant hassle of revisions and corrections.  

    If it’s not help with production you’re seeking, but customisation, say no more. Our technology allows us to customise your machinery for whatever purpose you may have in mind. All we need is a bit of time and a detailed plan from your end to make it happen.  

    Thanks to our rigorous inspection processes, you can expect to discover potential medical device weaknesses early on and save yourself abundant repair costs further down the line. This proactive approach is what has endeared us to so many of our customers because they know they’re getting a thorough service for their money, thus decreasing their downtime and maximising their profits. 

    What Exactly is Medical Device Manufacturing? 

    If you’ve clicked on this article, you’re likely already aware of what medical device manufacturing is. For the benefit of those who aren’t entirely sure what it entails, we’ve explained below what it entails. It is the production of medical devices for use in the healthcare sector. Such devices are intended to improve a patient’s quality of life, aid in diagnosis and treatment, testing, etc. Such devices range from self-care products to critical medical devices.  

    Ever since the industry’s conception, the medical device catalogue has accrued thousands upon thousands of products. This is good news for healthcare seekers, who can rest assured that their every health requirement can be catered to with a large number of options available on the market.   

    Expert-AMT are proud to say that we’re one of the biggest contributors, as we produce a vast array of such products. Our company has become renowned for leading the medical device movement, utilising only the very best automation and engineering techniques for optimum quality across the board.  

    Orthopaedics is one of the key areas we manufacture products for. With the ageing population on the rise, broken hips and diseased joints warrant the need for viable orthopaedic solutions. These include functional prostheses, knee/hip implants, spinal support devices, and arthroscopy tools.  

    Due to the highly physical nature of such devices and to promote maximum mobility for the patient, our professionals make it a point to rely on highly specific construction techniques, mainly metal injection moulding. They also focus on the fast production of devices to keep up with rapid demand.  

    Another speciality of ours is surgical tools, such as scalpels, sutures, and dilators. Our expertise in the engineering field has even allowed us to manufacture robotic assistants to facilitate surgery and improve patient outcomes. With such high levels of accuracy, surgeons can exponentially decrease the margins of human error and improve their patients’ odds.   

    With a growing diabetic population, it’s no surprise that we have been tackling the manufacturing of highly accurate tools, such as continuous glucose monitoring trackers and glucose testing strips. With devices like these, diabetic patients proactively take their conditions into their own hands and participate in active monitoring to avoid health complications. The medical device becomes a life companion that facilitates treatment and improves the overall quality of life for such patients.  

    When it comes to the design, production, and assembly of medical devices, we’re proud to be the go-to company. From catheters to gloves, needles, and more, whatever you need us to manufacture, just let us know. Be it a highly specific healthcare field, or just everyday equipment, we tick all the boxes for comprehensive, high-quality medical tools. 


    Our assembly process implements the very best standards of sterility and hygiene from start to finish. We take it upon ourselves to choose the very best assembly option for your needs, providing a suitable gateway for the medical device’s manufacture.  

    It goes without saying that all we do is in line with current medical standards, as our machinery elaborately pieces together the different elements of the medical device along the assembly line. We are acutely aware that the medical field seldom leaves room for error, especially when the welfare of human lives is at stake. For this reason, our medical devices are produced with unrivalled precision so that they are compliant with the highest standards of health practices.  

    The assembly process that we currently adopt is a result of years of technique revision and redevelopment. Over the span of many years, we have refined our automated processes to become as streamlined as possible, always keeping our clients’ requirements in our sights.  

    With several production platforms on our premises, it has become essential for us to adopt a standardised level of performance. The resultant operational consistency has allowed us to shift valuable energy towards the details of the manufacturing process and ensure a swift production rate in response to demand.  

    Our team help you navigate the standardised criteria of product testing, such as Concept Simulation, FAT, PoP, process validation, and SAT. With our engineers by your side, the process becomes a whole lot simpler for our clients, guaranteeing you superb results regardless of whether we’re producing a single unit of machinery or a whole batch of products. Say goodbye to the days of generalised solutions.  

    Expert-AMT has made sure to accommodate every single one of its clients over the years, paying special attention to individualised needs. Whatever your requirements for your medical device, our product cell templates and processing modules ensure a smooth production process. Throughout it all, our engineers aim for standardised consistency to ensure that every medical device delivers a unified level of functionality and performance. 


    Expert-AMT have slowly risen to the top of the medical manufacturing industry, catering to clients in the name of medical and automotive purposes. No matter which one you’re interested in, we are the specialists for you.  

    We serve a wide range of clinical contexts, from public clinics to specialised hospital settings. Not only do we manufacture, but we also provide extensive consultation sessions during the drawing board stage. Blue-Chip affiliates and second-tier organisations are just some of the clients we work with to deliver medical device solutions. 

    Fifty years in the engineering and manufacturing fields is no small feat. This accomplishment is a source of pride for us, drawing clients to our door for all types of production requests. We have established a name for ourselves in the industry by means of client loyalty, dedication, and excellent workmanship.  

    Be it a national or global scale, clients remain very pleased with our work and even go so far as to recommend us to their associates. Word of mouth has spread our name far and wide, bringing ever more clients flocking to benefit from our services. Perhaps what makes us so special is our unrelenting attention to client requirements, as we make sure to execute every detail until the medical device is to their satisfaction.  

    During the early initiation stage, each project will be allocated an overseeing manager. The manager works alongside the medical device manufacturer and makes sure that the product is executed smoothly and with no delays.  

    Another managerial duty is to ensure that all production standards are being upheld to the highest degree, in tandem with the client’s specifications. With the added benefit of machinery precision, it’s no wonder that our medical devices retain great characteristics of quality, hygiene, and safety. With keen eyes on every step of the project, managers polish the production process, leaving no room for unnecessary errors or disappointment.  

    You will receive regular updates from our team regarding the process timeline, ensuring that you and our team are always on the same page. Once the production process has come to an end, our team will coordinate with yours, and the medical device batch can be shipped to you immediately with no delay. Even if it’s been years since you’ve worked with us, we can handle the shipment of your stored devices no matter how long it’s been. 


    Advantages of Medical Device Manufacturing  

    Additive manufacturing (commonly referred to as 3D printing) is a computer-controlled sequential layering of materials to create three-dimensional shapes. The principal use of additive manufacturing is in the production of geometrically complex components. This makes it especially useful to produce medical devices and prototyping. 

    Such technologies represent an expensive investment, not just for the equipment but for the training that’s required to operate such equipment. Many in the healthcare sector opt instead to outsource medical device production. Before you do, it’s worth exploring your options, including assessing the advantages of teaming up with a full-service contract medical device manufacturer. 

    This choice will have a direct knock-on effect on the efficiency of your manufacturing and distribution processes. It’ll also directly impact the quality of your products and the performance and profitability of your company. The simple reality is that an end-to-end service like the one we provide offers a level of service that simply cannot be beaten by in-house or multi-supplier setups. 

    Expert-AMT aerospace

    The advantages of using Expert-AMT include: 

    • Broad-Spectrum Expertise 
    • Cutting-Edge Technology 
    • Supply Chain Consolidation 
    • Bigger Resource Pool 
    • Increased Agility 
    • Improved Service Delivery 
    • Rapid-Fast Time to Market 
    • Reduced Costs 
    • Increased Focus on Core Activities 

    You’ll benefit from the broad-spectrum expertise of our team without the time and expense of training an in-house team. We utilise technologies that are designed and developed in-house, saving you the expense of futureproofing your operations. Rather than working with multiple suppliers, managing budgets and deadlines, you can work with a single point of contact to supply all your requirements. 

    End-to-end users like us have access to a larger resource pool, greatly increasing our capabilities. Our increased agility enables us to quickly react to changes in product design, manufacturing, and portfolio. In the healthcare sector, products have very short service lives – such a benefit lets you stay one step ahead. And with better service delivery, you’ll have access to a wider selection of products that are of better quality. 

    In an industry characterised by shorter product lifecycles, there’s a very real need to get products to the market as quickly as possible. The resources and capabilities of Expert-AMT greatly facilitate this. There’s no need to bear the burden of the costs required to do so either, as we’ve invested in dedicated production, skilled personnel, specialist materials, and machinery all on our side. 

    Lastly, by leaving medical device manufacturing to us, you can focus more on core activities, including product marketing and research and development of new products. 

    Types of Medical Devices  

    The range of medical devices we can create is second-to-none. Even your in-house capabilities won’t be able to keep pace with ours, so it’s worth considering making this the next step for your business. At Expert-AMT, we can manufacture the following devices: 

    • Surgical Devices 
    • Personal Care Products 
    • Drug-Delivery Devices 
    • Diagnostic Devices 
    • Clinical Containers 

     Surgical Devices  

    At Expert-AMT, we manufacture a wide range of surgical devices. Such devices serve a vital role in critical care. Some are single-use, while others can be used multiple times but have a short product lifecycle. The surgical devices that we manufacture include but are not limited to devices for wound care, tracheostomy, ligation, endoscopy, intubation, suture packaging, etc. 

    Personal Care Products  

    Personal care products are used widely by billions of people worldwide. They range from single-use to reusable items and range from products purchased in supermarkets to items used in healthcare environments. Examples of personal care products that we can fabricate include: 

    • Razor Heads and Handles 
    • Contact Lenses (Process, Handle, and Package) 
    • Baby Care (Pacifiers, Nappies, etc.) 
    • Face Masks (Coverings) 
    • Fem Care 
    • Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) 
    • Gloves 


    DrugDelivery Devices

    Drug-delivery devices are another line of products that we can manufacture here at Expert-AMT. We develop and produce drug-delivery devices that are entirely bespoke with the client’s needs in mind. Whatever application these devices are required to serve, rest assured that this will be factored into the development. We fabricate injector assemblies, inhaler assemblies, transdermal patches, and more. 


    Diagnostic Devices  

    Diagnostic devices are essential for quickly and accurately diagnosing a patient’s condition. Different devices are used for different purposes. For instance, we can fabricate wearable connective devices that can provide active monitoring of a person’s condition. We can also fabricate single-use/ disposable products, such as testing kits. Whatever your specification, simply get in touch with our trained team to discuss this at length. 


    Clinical Containers  

    Lastly, we can also manufacture a variety of clinical containers, ranging from stoma care (colostomy, ileostomy, etc.) to fluid bags.  

    We are experts in the following processes: 

    Through these processes, we can handle a wide range of specialist requirements, from vibratory and smart feed (feed) to flex PCB, insertion, and ATE (assemble), from flow wrap, clamshell, and blister (primary pack) to punching, laser, rotary die (cutting), from plasma and corona (material treatment) to flow, push/ pull, and vision (inspection). 

    More Than Just Medical Device Manufacturing  

    Our capabilities are extensive and are not just limited to manufacturing products for the healthcare sector. We can also provide clients with the following: 


    Industrial Aerospace Solutions  

    Here at Expert-AMT, we take immense pride in providing the very best industrial aerospace solutions, working with clients throughout the industry. We actively seek to build strong and productive, lasting relationships with our clients. This is of vital importance in the aerospace industry as many projects can have long lead times. As an established and reliable company specialising in advanced manufacturing technologies, we provide the latest techniques to ensure the best outcome. 

    We possess vast, modern factory floors that are set up with the facilities necessary to accommodate aerospace projects of all sizes. Thanks to the adaptability of our shopfloors, we are also in an excellent position to provide contract manufacturing services to aerospace clients. 

    We’re headquartered here in the UK, and we also operate additional facilities in Riedstadt (Germany), Hefei (China), and Detroit (US). We can handle the following industrial aerospace solutions: 

    We work alongside clients both in the commercial and defence sectors. 

    Expert Automation  

    The world is rapidly becoming more and more driven by automated processes. Companies that still utilise non-automated processes risk being left behind unless they upgrade. Not only does automation greatly increase productivity and turnaround, but it also boosts workplace safety by reducing the need for people in hands-on positions. 

    At Expert-AMT, we excel at developing new and upgrading existing automated processes with the latest technologies. We provide effective solutions, from jigs and fixtures to entirely automated assembly and packing lines. We provide expert automation services that are entirely bespoke, tailored to each client’s requirements. Thanks to our impressive engineering expertise, we provide a variety of options, from assembly lines to cells and machines. 

    Any project we undertake is overseen by a dedicated project manager. Their job is to liaise with the client, serving as a point of contact and ensuring that the project is coordinated and executed to both the brief and deadline. 


    Automated Presses  

    From low-volume to high-volume production machines, we at Expert-AMT can design, manufacture, and deploy automated presses to fully automated your production capabilities. The size and complexity of the job are immaterial as we can scale our operations to suit your requirements. From small Blue-Chip companies to large global franchises, we proudly deliver exactly what our clients need. 

    We will work with you to carefully optimise the efficiency of your manufacturing processes while reducing the wastefulness of your operations. We are adept at providing cyclegrams that boast expert precision as well as documentation services that ensure your operation’s smooth running. 

    Our team locate factors in which traditional presses are no longer efficient, elaborate on these inefficiencies and improve them to what they need to be. We effectively utilise punch presses, press brakes, shop presses, and more to efficiently solve our clients’ problems. Such equipment can be easily implemented into any setup to achieve lasting results. 

    Laser Tracking  

    Laser trackers are a far more precise alternative to optical methods that can often be hindered by human error and limited perception. Laser tracking measures two angles and a distance and works by aiming a laser at a retro-reflective target. This target is held against whatever object is being measured. The path is retraced as the light is reflected. The light re-enters the laser tracker at the same point at which it left. 

    Some of this light enters the distance meter, which measures the distance from the SMR to the tracker. This form of distance measuring is by far the most accurate form available. It is often used for taking measurements of entire assemblies without having to dismantle a thing. Such precision coupled with time-saving benefits makes laser trackers a solid investment for any company to make. 

    Come to Expert-AMT and let us design and develop a laser tracker that’s perfectly suited to your requirements. 

    Automotive Systems  

    Our impressive automotive capabilities are unrivalled. So, whether you require body-in-white, body-in-black, trim and final assembly, suspension and powertrain, component assembly, or all of the above, we have you covered. 

    We possess vast capabilities, from the creation of specialised tools and special-purpose machines to the advent of entire assembly lines. All our work is backed by more than 40 years of experience that’s seen us work together with many industry leaders in the automotive sector.  

    Expert-AMT provides a broad range of automotive solutions, including: 

    • Glazing Systems 
    • Adhesive Application Cells 
    • Drive Line and Suspension Assembly 
    • Hot Foil Application 
    • Prototype Tooling 
    • And More 

    Why Choose Our Medical Device Manufacturers?   

    When it comes to medical device manufacturing, no request is too much of a challenge for our team to handle. At Expert-AMT, we have extensive experience in the healthcare sector, and our capabilities reflect this. We leverage our knowledge of advanced manufacturing technologies and bespoke products to help take any idea from concept to delivery. If you feel that it’s time to outsource your manufacturing processes, we can help.  

    We have painstakingly adjusted our production processes over the better part of the last five decades to stay in the loop and provide the best service we can to our clients. It is because of this loyalty that we have amassed such an impressive client roster, with recommendations expanding our customer base every day.  

    Luckily for our international clients, our recent establishment of a headquarters in China brings our services closer than ever before. This extensive geographical coverage enables us to ship your medical device directly to you while minimising delays. Should you need to restock your devices, shipment is available at a distance closer than it’s ever been.  

    No matter where you are in the world, we place your convenience first so that you have easy and direct access to your medical devices whenever you need them. 

    Contact Us Today  

    Are you searching for a reliable team of medical device manufacturers? Then look no further than Expert-AMT, as our medical manufacturing expertise leaves us well-suited to handle the creation of a variety of medical technologies. Established in 1972, we’ve solidified our position as the go-to experts for the design, manufacture, and assembly of advanced manufacturing technologies. Our meticulous attention to detail is a huge factor whenever we partner with a healthcare client concerning any request that seldom leaves room for error. 

    It is because of this high need for accuracy that we have become so good at what we do, even earning an accredited ISO-9001 certificate for our efforts. If you would like to learn more about our medical manufacturing capabilities, contact us now. Call us on 02476 428 500, or email Whatever your requirements may be, you can rest assured you’ll find an answer with our team of certified professionals. 

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