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Do you work within the food and beverage manufacturing industry? Are you looking for ways to enhance productivity and improve packaging accuracy? Well, look no further than Expert AMT! We are a highly respected engineering supplier that designs and builds bespoke packaging automation systems. For more information, give us a call on 02476 428 500 

Robotic Processes for Packaging Systems  

In the food and beverage manufacturing sector, speed and precision is key. Packaging is a huge part of the process. To get that product on the shelves, it needs to be packaged expertly before being distributed into the market. Our team of engineers are experienced and skilled in designing and building packaging machinery. 

When it comes to packaging automation, robotic processes are vital. Here at Expert AMT, we have 4 and 6 axis industrial robots that are designed to assist in a range of manufacturing processes. They are automated and programmable, and they are able to move on four or six axes depending on the task at hand. 

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    These robots are ideal for packaging systems as they can assemble, pick up and place, as well as label. As mentioned, one of the most important elements of food and beverage manufacturing is speed. Our robots work very quickly without compromising precision and they have a high endurance to cope with a detailed and extensive packaging process. 

    If you require packaging machinery, then we are more than happy to discuss your project. Before any work begins, we will assign a Project Manager. They will be responsible for planning, organising, and ensuring things are completed within the agreed timeframe. Every project we take on is tailored to meet the specifications of the client. 


    Our Automation Solutions 

    Packaging automation and many other automation systems are designed with the purpose of improving productivity and precision. It is no secret that machinery can complete tasks quicker than a human worker. For the food and beverage manufacturing market, this is essential. To get products out in the market swiftly and at volume, you require advanced technological manufacturing tools. 

    Our packaging systems are of the highest quality, but you can also trust in our team for many other automation solutions. For example, we have designed and built the following: 

    • Automated Product Assembly 
    • Robotic Processes 
    • Assembly Tooling 
    • Special Purpose Machining 
    • Reprogramming Systems 
    • Fully Automated Glazing Solutions and More! 

    Whether you are enlisting us for packaging machinery or other manufacturing technologies, you can expect a comprehensive process. All of our elements are designed to integrate proprietary technology to meet specification. Plus, the solutions are flexible so that they can combine various technologies. 

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    If you would like to discuss your project or learn more about how we can design and build packaging automation solutions, call 02476 428 500. You can also send an email to or fill in our online form. 

    Why Choose Our Packaging Automation Solutions? 

    When hiring a company for packaging automation solutions, you need to make sure that they possess a wealth of experience and have a good reputation. Here at Expert AMT, we have been established since 1972, providing bespoke engineering solutions to clients across the world. Due to our stellar results and excellent workmanship, we have earned an impressive global reputation. 

    For manufacturing, we build an array of solutions, including packaging automation, but you should know that we specialise in an array of sectors. Our company is the go-to for many clients in the aerospace industry, and we also deliver solutions to the medical and pharmaceutical sector. Every project we take on is tailored to the needs and specifications of each client.